User-friendly interfaces for controlling technology in meeting and learning spaces

Connecting people through extraordinary audiovisual experiences

Why choose AV control from Biamp

User-friendly interfaces

Intuitive and easily decodable control interfaces in keypad and touch form.


Easy to configure

Biamp Control systems are configured with drag'n'drop software Neets Project Designer

Future-proof setup

Flexible solutions that can be modified and scaled up and down according to your needs.


Affordable solutions

Pro AV installations with a reasonable price tag and faster project delivery time.


Featured video conferencing products

The new normal: video conferencing

Video conferencing has become a must in the current global environment. Enterprises and institutions must adapt their current communication practices and equip themselves with the right tools for the job.

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"It’s extremely easy for the teachers to understand and to use. Being able to operate every device from one interface help teachers to think of it as a simple and smart setup."

Martin Bernhard

Vice-Principle - Søndervangskolen
Martin Bernhard

Dinesen 2.0

The effectiveness of any online meeting is only as good as its weakest link. At Dinesen, video conferencing is now an integrated part of their day-to-day work.

Product ranges


Here, you can explore our wide range of audio devices such as sound bars and amplifiers, video conferencing bundles, and much more.

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Touch Panels

Touch Panels provide an interactive control interface. Connected to a touch controller; the foundation of the AV system. Available in different sizes.

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Keypad Controllers

Keypads with built-in controllers for simpler AV setups. Can be installed in cable trunking systems or directly in-wall. Available with 4 or 8 buttons.

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Tabletop Solutions

Eliminate cable clutter from your meeting room.
Provide direct access to a power outlet and a control system from the center of the table.

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Neets Project Designer

You can use Neets Project Designer to configure an entire AV project based on our control systems, from the control functions to the graphical user interface. Project Designer can be used to configure anything from the simplest of projects to the most complex - all without writing a single line of code thanks to the drag'n' drop interface.

Working with the products was great. It was a simple process to install, operate and integrate the professional signage with other devices using the control system.


System Integrator - TEN AV