Neets releases version 1.25 of Neets Project Designer

Neets announces that the newest version of Neets Project Designer, their custom control system configuration software, is available for download from January 31st 2019.

New version of Neets Project Designer

The latest version of Neets Project Designer includes the possibility to integrate the Cisco Telepresence Touch 10 panel with a Neets Control System.

We’re pleased to announce that we are releasing the newest version of Neets Project Designer today. The major new function in this release - the integration with Cisco Touch 10 - was created in collaboration with a local AV System Integrator. We have added other important features; support for all HTTPS web servers and support for several movement sensors.

Cisco Touch 10 integration

It is now possible to integrate the Cisco Telepresence Touch 10 panel with Neets Control Systems. This enables the System Integrator to extend the touch panel’s video conferencing functionality and offer in-room control of peripheral equipment from the same interface.

What does this mean for you?
In large multiroom projects where the Cisco ecosystem is used in some of the rooms, you will now be able to offer Neets Control Systems* in every room. This makes it easier and faster for the integrator and installer to finish the project, as all the configuration is done using one software; Neets Project Designer. Like everything else on Project Designer, this integration requires no programming, and can quickly be configured on Project Designer’s drag’n’drop interface.

* Cisco Touch 10 integration is possible with Neets Control – LiMa, TanGo, SieRRa II and AlFa II

Movement Sensors
With this new feature, it is now possible to add a movement sensor in every room when making a dual room solution. The movement sensors can run together when the rooms are combined, or run separately when the room is divided. The advantage is increased energy efficiency as devices in the room section that is not in use are turned off automatically.

Remove error indications
Based on feedback from users, this new feature enables you to remove error indications on LAN check, missing extension LED and missing NEB units. This is very convenient if you are updating an installation and don't have direct access to some devices.


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