Life's better when everything plays together nicely. At Neets we have done our best to form partnerships with manufacturers who create products that in companionship with Neets Control Systems makes life easier for presenters as well as the people who work with installing our products.

Featured Partners


Neets and Cisco play well together, and we have recently developed an integration so that you can control the Cisco Touch 10 panel with Neets control system. You can use the Cisco Touch 10 to control all the lighting, heating, screens, projectors, displays etc.


Barco ClickShare

With Neets Control and Barco ClickShare your rooms just got more simple. With a simple click of the Clickshare button, your AV system switches on automatically. 

Barco Overture

The combination of Overture and Neets creates a unique experience that benefits everyone involved: users, IT/AV managers and system integrators. Neets’ keypad solutions make controlling AV functions easy and participating in meetings is as simple as clicking a single button.

IT/AV managers can use Overture to increase their efficiency with remote monitoring and troubleshooting, automatic alarms in case of issues, and in-depth insights into device and room usage analytics.


With the KNX integration, you get access to integrate with 8000+ devices on the market. The integration we have created is simple to use yet very powerful for creating great meeting and presentation spaces. 

NETIO Products

NETIO produces networked (LAN/WiFi) power sockets 110/230V. We have made a great integration between our products so that you can control and monitor the power of the components in the AV installation.


Neets and GUDE cooperate in the field of AV automation as part of a joint Green Building initiative. Plug-n-play drivers that are immediately available ensure that Neets media controllers support GUDE IP power strips.


With the combination of an ErgoXS Flexline and a Neets Control Keypad you will get an all-in-one presentation system with a TV screen, Neets Soundbar and a Neets Control keypad or touch panel-mounted, this solution is flexible and effective for meeting and classroom spaces. 


Philips have in their professional BDL/HFL series of TV's and displays ensured IP and serial control capabilities, so they can be easily controlled in a professional environment such as meeting rooms, public areas and classrooms. And as a natural step, together we made sure, that Neets Control systems integrate well with their devices. Hence we have developed and tested drivers for their product line and they are available in Project Designer. 


The world-class portfolio of Matrox Mura capture, encode, decode, and display cards is now compatible with the complete range of intuitive, user-friendly control systems from Neets. We have created a Neets device driver that is accessible within the Neets Project Designer, so that system integrators and AV builders now have a simple, centralized, and cost-effective option to access and manage Matrox Mura-based video walls.