Here are the greatest AV equipment trends in 2019

The future of AV equipment looks bright! Here is our take on the which AV equipment trends in 2019 you should definitely keep an eye on.

When we are talking about AV equipment, what we're really talking about is the image and sound. AV stands for ‘audio-visual’.  This refers to the solutions and equipment used to produce sound and images/video. AV equipment is used in many contexts and there are countless solutions available for any given task. When talking about AV equipment, it is generally in the context of its use in meetings, conferences and exhibitions.

Like any other technology, AV equipment is constantly being improved. We get digital solutions and equipment that are more advanced - and more impressive - every year. 2019 is no exception - AV equipment has a bright year ahead!

It can be quite difficult to get a general overview of all these technological advancements, so we've done the work for you. Here is a list of all the greatest trends within AV equipment in 2019!

AV equipment in 2019

One of the biggest trends in AV equipment in 2019 is display. Displays are – and continue to be – a popular solution in many situations, as they are becoming increasingly flexible. There are many different types of display available, which give prospective buyers a huge range of models to choose from. The technology in this area is getting more impressive year after year.

First and foremost, let’s talk about screen displays. Screen displays come in many sizes. One of the biggest advancements being made is that of large format flat screens. It is getting cheaper and easier to buy large flat-screen displays, giving people the possibility to set up more creative solutions. Businesses nowadays, especially retail, are using displays in creative ways. 

Displays are now relatively now cheap and they provide razor-sharp images - at a much higher quality than what was available a few years ago. These flat screen displays would be particularly suited for exhibitions and other conferences where floor space is limited, or where the ceiling is high - giving you the option to show a continuous stream of razor-sharp quality images via flat screens. It is also an ideal solution in places where for some reason you cannot set up a projector. Flat screen displays are also a better solution in situations where you cannot avoid guests walking in front of the projector. Projectors need favorable conditions in order to work at their best, and this is where flat screens have an advantage - because it requires less from the setup and location.

We are also seeing an increase in the use of flat screen equipment for 24/7 displays. Screens are available with haze technology, which is a huge benefit if the screen needs to be clearly visible all day long. Haze is the name given to a special type of surface treatment used to treat the flat screen. This matte finish ensures that reflected light from both electric lights and the sun is rejected and that the products are given a Haze value that determines how matte the surface is. Screens with Haze are therefore suitable for shops or businesses where the screen must be displayed 24 hours a day without the information losing visibility or legibility.

We cannot talk about flat screen display types without mentioning LED displays - more specifically LED wall displays. LEDs may be found in many places, and LED products have developed into a sure solution for many things. But not long ago, LED wall displays were of significantly poorer quality. The display was too light and the picture quality was grainy. They were also difficult to use for anything aside from plain colors and backgrounds. Nowadays it is a different story, as the technology and the resulting image quality of these types of screens has drastically improved. We are positive that this type of screen will surely have a bigger role to play in coming years and will be used in a wider variety of contexts. The screen resolution has also been improved. You have the possibility to fine-tune brightness and contrast as well as combine several screens to produce one larger image. This is one of the more impressive features of this type of screen. The edge-to-edge fit and flow between these screens have become so natural that you no longer notice that several screens are being used. In addition, many models have become even slimmer, so that it almost feels as if you are using some kind of futuristic wallpaper with in-built screen images.

Displays will, therefore, most definitely will be in the spotlight in conferences, exhibitions, and other similar events in 2019. You can rest assured about using this technology yourself, whether you want to use it to promote your business at an exhibition or simply market your products in stores.

Laser projectors are making progress

Most people are familiar with the word 'laser', but many associate it with the famous weapons from the Star Wars films. When we talk about lasers in the AV world, we mean something else entirely. Laser is set to make even greater progress in 2019, with manufacturers like Epson starting to focus more on laser projection than light projection. They want to stop using light bulbs in their installation projection equipment and to start using laser projectors only. There are several for this. First of all, laser projectors can give a much sharper image on larger screens and walls. You will, therefore, find it easier to display text and images on a screen with a high resolution. This is a particularly good solution if you need to present material on a large format, for example at a conference. Projectors are already a useful means of showing images, as they are easy to set up and adjust to suit your needs. You don’t need to install large screens or compromise on the quality of the picture.

Laser projectors could also be a good alternative to LED displays and other types of flat screens. LED displays are easier to work with, because they also offer large, razor-sharp images without needing good conditions to set up, as projectors do. It has also become cheaper to acquire a large number of screens, so projectors are being phased out in many places. However, with laser projectors, this type of solution could be making a comeback. As image quality improves, projectors can be used on larger screens, which will make them popular once again. Particularly in situations requiring a large number of screens to make up a big, sharp image, you would definitely benefit from using laser technology. You can, therefore, expect projectors to make their way into meeting rooms or conference centers in the near future.

Crystal clear sound and bumper music

AV equipment provides solutions for both sound and image. Therefore, We cannot avoid discussing audio and sound systems. The AV industry already offers a huge number of options for high-quality sound solutions. Hence there can be no new game-changing breakthroughs within audio technology.  However, we are seeing a number of new trends on the way that sound is being used today. It is becoming increasingly common to use sound in more energetic ways at conferences - particularly at conferences where several presenters stand on stage and present information to a large audience. Here it is important to maintain a raised energy level; otherwise, you risk losing your audience's attention. It could be difficult to retain the audience if the sound quality is bad or if there are too many pauses between the presenters. The trend with bumper music has therefore caught on in many places and we are seeing several examples where it is being used to the interest and energy level high.

The term 'bumper music' might sound odd (and we agree) but you have doubtlessly experienced it before. It is a term used to describe all the jingles played between items and segments on TV and on the radio.  They are becoming more and more widespread. Instead of allowing the audience to doze off during a gap of silence between two segments, this type of music is used to inform the audience that there is more to come.  If you are thinking of going to an exhibition or conference in 2019, you can be sure that you are going to hear some bumper music.

High-quality equipment that delivers excellent sound is required to keep an audience’s attention and maintain a high level of energy. You would benefit from using sound systems with higher quality than you would usually consider using for a conference to help you with this. It is no longer enough to just use a microphone and a couple of loudspeakers. No, it's worth investing in a pro quality audio system to keep attendees engaged between segments. 

Interactive solutions will be more common

Another trend, which will definitely feature in the world of AV in 2019, is interactive solutions. Interactive solutions have been used to address a number of different issues for the last several years. For example, a large number of interactive screens and boards are currently being used in the education sector. This is partly because it is easier to convey information using these tools. It is also an advantage for teachers to have access to these boards and screens, as they help to retain the interest of younger pupils. Imagine having to teach mathematics to first-grade pupils and you have the choice between using a chalkboard or a Smart-Board. Which of them would they prefer to use? And which of them could be cleared quickly and easily without filling the classroom with dust? The answer is clear.

It is not only in the classroom where interactive elements are growing in popularity. We are seeing interactive elements being used for the same reasons in increasing numbers in everyday business meetings. It is much easier to convey information and focus on specific details using an interactive board. The ability to control the screen with a single fingertip is very much appreciated. In addition, you can naturally benefit from using the many in-built features that these devices have. Highlighting, copying, screen printing, sketching and writing freehand texts -these are all useful features that make it easier for you as a speaker to present and consolidate your message. We also know from experience that the best meetings and presentations are those where the audience leaves the meeting with a clear memory of the most important points from the meeting. The communication tool used in the meeting is, therefore, very important, and it is simply easier to make a point when you have a better selection of tools to choose from.

AR and VR – what’s that?

Last but not least, we come to both AR and VR. If you have never heard of these terms before, they mean Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Many people associate VR in particular with the fancy headgear that you can wear to take part in an absorbing world of gaming. AR is something a little different - here you are combining reality with supplementary graphics or data. The concept became firmly established when Pokémon GO was launched, as you then had the possibility to “catch Pokemon in the real world”. AR is increasingly present in marketing and other fields where customers could have new and more exciting experiences through a combination of images, video and computer-generated graphics.

The AR/VR trend is also starting to be implemented on social media and other sites where 3D imagery has become popular. A classic example is Snapchat and its filters. Some web pages and businesses also use the technology to give visitors the possibility to see e.g. a 3D model of a building. In this way, as a customer, you have the chance to get a more precise idea of what a building looks like before visiting it.

However, AR/VR is still under development and will undoubtedly only get better with time. You can therefore look forward to a 2019 where these two terms, in particular, will become increasingly pervasive.


That was a very comprehensive analysis of the upcoming AV trends for this year. To get a quick overview and make it easier for you to remember everything you've read, we've made a little summary: 

  • Screen displays in the form of flat screens and wall displays are getting better, cheaper and more flexible. This gives great opportunities to set up stands of all sizes without compromising on razor-sharp image quality.
  • Projectors that use lamps are on the way out. Laser projectors are IN. They can be a good alternative to display screens, that have otherwise been the preferred alternative to old-fashioned projectors with lamps.
  • Crystal clear sound and bumper music are being used much more at conferences, meetings and exhibitions. They help to retain the attention of the audience as well as maintaining a high energy level.
  • Interactive solutions continue to gain market share in classrooms and meeting rooms. They provide more tools and the communication between the speaker and the audience is less noisy as a result. Interactive elements can also be used to retain the attention of your audience, and you can make your presentation more quickly and easily with interactive tools.
  • AR and VR continue to improve. With these futuristic tools, the future is looking bright. Customers and visitors get the opportunity to experience 3D-models and true-to-life pictures and videos. It’s almost like being there in person.

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