Collabo 2.0 by Neets


A complete video conferencing system for huddle rooms. This powerful bundle requires no configuration and is easy and quick to install.

Bundle includes Neets Sound Bar - SB2, Solvo by Neets 4K, and Neets 4K Webcam

Collabo 2.0 by Neets is a powerful video conference solution that streamlines the way you start any kind of online meeting. Collabo 2.0 by Neets is designed to fit the modern workplaces' demands and the diversity of video conferencing solutions that exist on the market. With Collabo you just have to plug in the USB cable and it starts working right away – it is compatible with every kind of device and supports any kind of video conferencing software. (e.g., Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, Slack, BlueJeans, etc.)   
Collabo 2.0 by Neets is a bundle with Neets Soundbar - SB2, Neets 4K Webcam, and Solvo by Neets providing an AV system that turns on/off automatically with CEC and signal detection from a user’s laptop. Users connect with a single USB cable for a quick and hassle-free start and launch the favorite UC platform for a pro-quality audiovisual experience with voice enhancement technology, 4K resolution, and stable, and wired network.
Neets Soundbar - SB2

The audio system in Collabo 2.0 by Neets is made from high quality materials that improve acoustics and contains technology that enhances voice quality. This, and a 2.0 full-range stereo with front-facing speakers helps ensure that online meetings and video conference calls have clear and coherent sound. Every time.   

Neets 4K Webcam

The webcam makes use of advanced technology to capture sharp video and audio in every environment. With a 120° wide field-of-view and 4K UHD resolution, the webcam in Collabo2.0 by Neets captures razor-sharp video and ensures that everyone in the meeting will be clearly visible. The built-in microphone array picks up a full range of sounds and the noise-canceling algorithms ensure that everyone in the room is heard clearly, no matter where they are sitting.

You are free to mount the webcam wherever it gives you the best angle - on the display or a flat surface. 

Solvo by Neets 4K

The intelligent AV system hub brings everything together in Collabo 2.0 by Neets and provides a quick and user-friendly starting point for every online meeting. Solvo by Neets turns the video conference solution into an automated system with CEC technology. Users simply plug in the USB cable from Solvo by Neets to their computer and get started with their meeting – Collabo 2.0 by Neets takes care of everything else. 

Collabo 2.0 by Neets helps you create the ideal video conferencing room where everyone is seen and heard clearly, and where getting a meeting started couldn’t be easier!

Feature list
  • 2.0 full-range stereo front speaker system
    The 2.0 full-range stereo front speaker system offers a massive improvement to the sound quality when compared to the rear-facing speakers you typically find in displays.
  • Amplifier with built-in DSP function
    Amplifier with built-in DSP functionality specifically enhances voice in video calls.
  • 4K UHD, 120 degree webcam
    Webcam with 4K UHD resolution and a wide 120-degree field of view offers superior quality video for business use.
  • 2 omni-directional microphones
    2 omnidirectional microphones and noise-suppressing algorithms ensure that everyone in the room is heard clearly.
  • Automation
    CEC and wake-on-signal technology turn the display and the connected peripheral devices on/off based on signal detection from a user’s computer.
  • Screensharing with USB 3.0 connector
    A universally compatible USB-A connector that transfers sound and images from your laptop to Collabo 2.0 by Neets and your display.
  • Connections
    Combine your choice of additional peripheral devices (2 USB and 1 AUX) e.g. microphone, interactive board, etc. to create your video-enabled AV system for huddle rooms. Compatible with any model or brand.
  • Compatibility
    Collabo 2.0 by Neets is compatible with any UC platform (e.g., Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, Slack, BlueJueans, etc.), giving meeting attendees the freedom to use the platform they are most comfortable with.