Neets EasyConnect - For Neets Control Keypad


Tabletop solution prepared for Neets Control Keypads

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The Neets EasyConnect – For Neets Control Keypad is a tabletop solution that provides users with cable connections, an AC outlet, and room for installation of a keypad interface to control all the equipment in the room. Users can now have a productive meeting with all the necessary tools available at their fingertips.

The Neets EasyConnect is a cable management to be installed on a table surface. A tabletop solution eliminates many common challenges in meeting rooms; essential cables are missing, they are too short, or power outlets are unavailable. An added benefit is cable management, where the cables are neatly routed instead of trailing across the floor. Finally, the installation of a keypad interface provides control functions to the users while seated at the table, making controlling the AV equipment a faster and more efficient process.

Following Neets keypads are suitable for EasyConnect
- Neets Control – EcHo, EU Antracite
- Neets Control – EcHo Plus, EU Antracite
- Neets Control – SieRRa II, EU Antracite
- Neets Control – OsCar, EU Antracite
Feature list
  • Control System integration
    Easy integration of Neets Control keypads (Neets Control EcHo, EcHo Plus and SieRRa II to be purchased separately).
  • Built-in 12V PSU
    No need for external power for supplying the control system.
  • AC Power Outlet
    EU, Universal, DK or Swiss power.
  • Cable/Connectors
    3.5mm audio mini-jack.
    Network cable (RJ45).
  • Easy to use
    No cables on the floor - AV cables (1.7 m) pull out and retract easily for storage.