Neets Control - SieRRa II, US

SieRRa II has been replaced by the Biamp Impera Sierra II control pad. Please visit for details.
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Neets Control – SieRRa II provides uniform AV control interface in all rooms through an 8-Button Keypad with built-in controller.
SieRRa II also enables touch control with a tablet (Neets touch panels and iOS) through a built-in webserver. PoE support to avoid an external PSU.
Email notification on lamp/filter hours and warnings as well as Central Control monitoring is supported as a standard.
CE: EN 55022, EN 55024 FCC (part 15, class A)
Feature list
  • 8-Button AV control system with Neets touch panels and IOS support
    The world’s most compact AV control system – no external processors required
  • 8 Freely configurable keypad buttons
    Provides uniform AV control interface in all rooms and all 8 buttons can be configured for any function
  • 1 Bi-directional RS-232 port or 2 IR ports
    Used for controlling projectors, displays, amplifiers & other AV devices with feedback functionality
  • 2 Uni-directional RS-232 or 4 IR ports:
    Used for sending commands to projectors or other AV devices using serial or infrared communication
  • 1 Ethernet port
    Used for controlling 10 LAN devices and connection to Central Control and Project Designer
  • 3 General Purpose I/O ports
    Used for input/output control of relays, switches and sensors
  • 1 NEB port (Neets Expansion Bus)
    Add up to 5 additional devices - choose between Keypad, Level Control or Port Expansion (serial and I/O)
  • 1 front USB port
    Used for easy system configuration, uploading and downloading project files, service and maintenance
  • PoE support
    Includes Power over Ethernet support to avoid external PSU (12V PSU included)
  • Email notifications and warnings
    Email notification on lamp/filter hours and warnings
  • Infrared learner
    SieRRa II comes with a built-in IR learner.
  • Included:
    Configuration through our free and no-license software: Neets Project Designer

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New Features
  • Biamp Tesire control plugin
  • Project Designer installation no longer requires local admin rights to run.
  • Added TanGo and Alfa II name change option in properties window.
  • Replaced settings button AMP-D225H, PM4100, Neets DelTa, with text help.
Bug Fixes
  • Resolved issue with Uniform control pads becoming unresponsive after USB upload
  • Resolved issues with Live monitoring. Show device data right click not possible. Live monitoring on Uniform not functional. Live monitoring stop working when connecting LAN. Live Monitoring getting stuck.
  • Resolved issue where Update Background is displayed white on some controllers when using dark theme.
  • Resolved issue where volume delay gets set to 100 seconds when adding to project.
  • Resolved issue with KNX license while uploading
  • Updated URL for KNX license
Bug Fixes
  • Support for new HW on Neets Control - Tango
New Features
  • Update firmware for new devices
  • New serial numbers added in PD
  • Maximum HW_REV which PD 1.28.0 supports is 10
  • Upload of FW til Uniform over LAN has been removed temporarily to prevent the Uniform from ending in a unrecover state
Bug Fixes
  • UniForm dies if FW upload failes
  • Barco Clickshare integration now support more than 1 dongel again
  • After install of PD, the device driver are not visible in PD
  • NEETS login from PD password is visible
  • Neets device indexer service not loading devices on PD start
  • Problems with volume timing becomming 100 s has been removed.
Bug Fixes
  • Possible to have multible tabs when using the Cisco Touch 10 integration
  • Posible to handle up to 512 byte long volume command when using increment - decrement level control
  • Continuous volume had a fixed min delay of 300ms between the commands. This has been removed
  • When adding a device to a project its level repeat time was set in sec instead of ms
  • Telnet control was not working in 1.26. This has been fixed
  • The firmware file on the control system with SD card was sometime not removed after use. It is now. In case you are unable to upgrade to newest version reformat the SD-card and upload the project again.
New Features
  • Live Data monitoring to troubleshoot communication and can see live data on devices
  • Net Framework is updated from 4.5 to 4.7.2
  • List of supported Barco Cliskshare devices updated
Bug Fixes
  • Import Subpage not in the project after saving is resolved
  • When using the "Replace device" new timing are not used
  • Slider in PD not the same in HTML
  • IGMP opens up for all multicarst address
  • PIR sensor not updating power state according to devise
  • TL-SG1005P with IGMP Snooping are not allowing multicarst trafic between Neets units
  • (.bin) file not deleted issue resolved on Firmware end
New Features
  • The theme Bolzano is included
Bug Fixes
  • Cisco Touch 10, not always include when uploading to control system
  • Reset Neets Control UniForm by pressing button 1 and 4 when connection power is now working
  • Login information to Cisco Touch 10 was not correct handled when controliing over RS232
Bug Fixes
  • When uploading a old project 2 strings was missing in the weblanguage
  • When double click on a project file, the installation of Project Designer is restarted
  • Whats new video was not displayed as startup
New Features
  • Integration of Cisco Touch 10
  • Possible to remove missing LAN device error
  • Possible to remove missing EXT device error
  • Possible to remove missing NEB unit error
  • Support for more than one PIR sensors
Bug Fixes
  • Max TELNET connections limit on Kinetis and ColdFire
  • Sending a UDP message to a non exsisting IP will halt the system
  • Fix problem when import of graphical pages
  • Telnet timing out
  • Level start/stop. Stop commmand is not send
  • NEB Level never stops counting
  • Liv monitor will not show more than 3 Neets LAN extensions
  • 2 x Unifom on Tango, do not show the right label
  • Uniform with Tango as extension, Live monitoring is not working
New Features
  • Live system monitoring to troubleshoot communication
  • Hostnames are used instead of IP address and enables the use of DHCP servers
  • Removed HTTP server from Echo Plus and Oscar
Bug Fixes
  • Atlona device drivers fix multiple Telnet connections
  • AMP 2:25 Command OFFDELAY support up to 8 hours
  • UDP will not receive any data
  • Null terminating feedbacks are allowed in protocols other than Telnet
New Features
  • Project Designer optimized for web compilation
  • Project Designer optimized for Device Drivers working
  • Project Designer optimized for Keypad Link Button functions
  • Project Designer Startup time is reduced
  • Multiple Uniform interfaces operations are Optimized
Bug Fixes
  • KNX sequence problem fixed
  • Port Numbers are saved on LAN Devices
New Features
  • New control system UniForm is introduced
  • Passive mode colored LEDs support is provided
Bug Fixes
  • Neets Audio AMP 2:25 loss of settings on factory reset issue solved
  • KNX naming improvements in specific cases
New Features
  • Added the SystemReboot in script
  • Auto reload of the homepage.
  • KNX stability
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed KNX group address update problem
  • Fixed QueBec Pro with SN 18xxxxx is always detecting a signal
  • Fixed Tango freeze on extra rich web sites
  • Fixed UDP packet delivery fails in busy networks
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed graphical button id duplication on import pages
New Features
  • Up to three graphical interfaces can now be controlled independently on a single control system.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed relay ports on an extension device would be reset in case of a temporary disconnect
  • Fixed Device Indexer crashing at startup
New Features
  • Added option to replace control system
  • Added improved device search. Devices created as 'related' devices in Device Editor, will now be searchable in PD and display a timing popup.
  • Default LAN speed is now set to Autonegotiate
Bug Fixes
  • Improved project upload stability over LAN
  • Fixed some graphical buttons disappering during page change
  • Fixed printing labels only outputting blank pages until the scaling option has been changed.
  • Fixed Clickshare devices not bringing the system off if the active state isnt linked to a source.
  • Fixed the 'Location' field of a controlsystem not being saved
  • Fixed a graphical button could become stuck if pressed fast enough
  • Fixed graphical slider not behaving visually satisfying when dragged to 0
  • Fixed graphical buttons inheriting lock times from devices that are not directly controlled by them
  • Misc. KNX datatype optimization improvements
  • Optimized device search for model names that contained a special character
  • Fixed firmware not always being upgraded when uploading a project over LAN
  • MODULE: Fixed bug where a project could only contain 35 feedback sequences
  • MODULE: Fixed KNX communication only working if the device was added as the first LAN device to project
  • MODULE: Fixed UDP devices would blink the off button TCP style
  • FIRMWARE: Timeout during uploading to QueBec Pro
  • FIRMWARE: Fixed LAN communication on extension devices not working
  • FIRMWARE: Improved stability when loading the webinterface
  • FIRMWARE: Fixed IR not working on extension devices
  • FIRMWARE: Fixed firmware upload over LAN not working on Oscar and Echo Plus
Bug Fixes
  • When adding more than one ClickShare device, the project couldn't compile.
  • Page jump back functions were not loaded properly from older projects.
  • When adding an NEB expansion in a project with a TanGo control system, created before version 1.12 it could give a compile error.
  • Toggling between using USB and LAN communication when getting information from control system did not work.
  • Misc. legacy bugfixes
Bug Fixes
  • When adding a device using username/password an error occured.
New Features
  • Integration of week scheduler.
  • Integration of KNX.
  • New graphical themes (Bright Matterhorn and ARONA) and project templates.
  • It is now possible to test e-mail settings, even when it is using auto settings.
  • Many of the graphical elements is using white text which was hard to see on the background in the toolbox. The background is now changed to a gray color.
Bug Fixes
  • Two different devices with different level sequence of different types was not allowed, and is now blocked.
  • When changing the minimum and/or maximum value of a level sequence, the buttons, sliders and feedback items using this was not updated.
Bug Fixes
  • When trying to update firmware on Neets Amplifiers where user settings was created, 'No project file found' was reported.
  • In some cases progress indication wasn't working on the graphical user interface.
  • If an extension device (Neets Amplifier or Switching Relay) was placed on an RS-232 port on a control system without LAN a compile error would occur.
  • Firmware: Stability on QueBec Pro HDMI signal and audio.
  • It is now not possible to upload to a QueBec Pro when firmware is uploaded too.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed FW upload to 'Neets Audio Amplifier - 2:25' or 'Neets Audio Preamplifier' would cause it to enter a reboot loop.
  • It was possible to make a circular reference between QueBec Pro signal field and keypad.
  • It was possible to use the QueBec Pro as extension device even though it doesn't support that.
  • It was possible to add a ClickShare or Kramer VIA device to QueBec Pro which was not supported.
New Features
  • Support for Neets Control - QueBec Pro.
  • The setup website for amplifiers are now uploaded together with the firmware.
  • Added button to clear a search in all searchable text fields.
  • Support for PJ link.
  • Support for leading zeros when doing increment/decrement volume control.
  • Possibility to define a command end character for feedback replies.
  • Support for leading '+' sign on level sequences.
  • Support for one's and two's compliment checksums.
  • Possible to control increment/decrement volume with two count values.
  • The caption on relay ports are changed from 12/230 V to low and high voltage.
  • Distribute of graphical elements is now possible from ribbon as well.
  • When I/O keypad is added to QueBec II/III it is no longer placed together with signal detection interface, but is now placed separate in the 'Interfaces' toolbox.
  • The preamplifier website for DelTa is now also uploaded when a new firmware is uploaded.
  • In the Interface workspace, the distribute elements function is now also available from ribbon, as well as the right click menu.
  • In the Interface workspace, when hovering graphical elements in the toolbox the size was showing to many decimals. They are now rounded.
  • The time of the project compilation part is decreased by around 60%.
  • Updated the list of predefined graphical resolutions, and added a button to switch between landscape and portrait.
  • The default resolution, when creating a project with graphical user interface, is now matching the Neets Touch Panel - 7 with a size of 1024x595px.
Bug Fixes
  • If a function that is linking to a page or button and the function was placed inside an If power on function, an error could occur.
  • When sending test e-mails the UI locked for a few seconds.
  • Tags was not saved along with a graphical element when added to toolbox.
  • It was not possible to edit names of user created UI languages.
  • Opening the connection diagram on video conference devices would give an error.
  • A few device drivers was not loaded into the device toolbox due to the fact they were not either 3rd party, user approved or Neets certified.
  • The Jump page dialog was not initialized with current selection when editing function.
  • If a graphical resolution contained a subpage from a Video Conference device, the resolution could not be deleted even though the Phonebook was not placed on that resolution.
  • Saving a transparent button together with another graphical element into a group template would give an error.
  • It was possible to lock buttons on signal detection interfaces.
  • The width of the toolbox in the script code dialog was adjusted to fit the longest caption of devices instead of overflowing the caption.
  • It was not possible to see the validation error message on textboxes with multiple lines (e.g. in the 'Send email' dialog).
  • When having small graphical elements, the function indicators was occupying the most space which made it impossible to select the button.
  • If a device was edited from Project Designer and a feedback request interval was changed to 0 (disabled), the project might become corrupt due the fact that the feedback was not updated according to the missing feedback request.
  • It was quite hard to see where some functions were placed in the Action tree, especially when working with 'If combine'.
  • On Neets Amplifier - 312-0003, changing the IP address was not taking effect, which resulted in the project not being able to compile due to empty IP address.
  • If a graphical button had a toggle state with no functions, compile could fail. This was also seen in rare occasions when a graphical button was linking to a physical button.
  • If combined' function did not work in combination with PIR in feedback.
  • If a project contains a 'Hide all sub pages' function and deleting a device, the function was also deleted.
  • When using the 'StackFlush' method in script code, the progress indication on the website was not updated.
  • When the minimum value of an inc/dec level sequence was larger than the maximum value, it was not possible to set an exact level value.
  • When adding a device that requires username and/or password, the dialog was preset with actual username/password instead of the default username/password.
  • It was possible to set a value on a number range feedback item that was outside the minimum and maximum range.
  • MODULE: Volume sequences in combined mode didn't work.
  • MODULE: Fixed compile error when minimum value for level sequence was larger than maximum value.
  • MODULE: Press button function did not trigger LED behavior.
  • MODULE: Compile error when a button links to an empty button.
  • MODULE: Level feedback needs to be requested two times before the internal value is updated correctly.
  • FIRMWARE: Time between commands didn't work as expected.
  • FIRMWARE: TCP connections was not disabled if ethernet connection was lost.
  • FIRMWARE: Neets amplifier did not properly unmute if a source change occurs while being muted.
New Features
  • Support for Neets Control - TanGo.
  • Support for Kramer VIA (Connect Pro, Collage and Campus).
Bug Fixes
  • The manual for EcHo was pointing to the EcHo plus manual.
  • Some text was cut off (e.g. in German) in the Output control dialog.
  • If a feedback item was relating to a control sequence, it was checking whether the control sequence was on a mute button, which would fail when compiling the project.
  • An NEB Level control did only work if there was only one per address. Fx. one address 'A' on two different extension devices did not work.
  • If a control system was fully equipped with LAN devices and at least one of them was a Neets extension device, replacing one of the LAN devices would give an error.
  • Updated manuals and templates from the Neets website would sometimes not be downloaded correctly.
  • FIRMWARE: Control system clock speed was 120 MHz, but should be 150 MHz.
  • FIRMWARE: Commands placed on keypads was not sent on RS-485 port on NEB expansion.
  • FIRMWARE: RC5 IR codes was not transmitted correctly.
  • FIRMWARE: LAN control through extension devices was not working.
  • FIRMWARE: Fixed memory leak on control systems with a graphical UI on a poor network connection.
New Features
  • Combine rooms by using built-in 'If RoomsCombined' condition.
  • Lock specific keys to disable user input. For example use it in combination with combined rooms.
  • We have added a completely new theme for your graphical interfaces called 'Matterhorn'. If you had any filters applied for graphical elements, they are reset.
  • FIRMWARE: AMP2:25: Improved upload speed during FW update.
  • FIRMWARE: AMP2:25: Mute from PC when USB input is selected.
  • MODULE: Support for custom NEB/I2C events. Use the @NEBEvent in SystemCode.
  • Neets Control - OsCar can now control LAN devices including Neets extension devices (e.g. Switching Relays and new Amplifiers).
  • The functions toolbox is now split into groups to get a better overview.
  • The small icons indicating functions on a button is re-arranged.
  • Validation of user inputs is redesigned.
  • Graphical elements from existing themes have been removed. This has been done to assist the user in making a more coherent visual design and, as a consequence, create a better experience for the end user.
  • The previous graphical elements are available for download at
Bug Fixes
  • Memory optimization when compiling a project.
  • Tooltip wasn't shown on the small 'function icons' on graphical buttons.
  • It was not possible to drop functions on top of 'function icons'.
  • It was possible to enter invalid e-mail data, and still be able to successfully compile a project.
  • When uploading a project by LAN, a warning was displayed even if DHCP was enabled in the project.
  • It was possible to drag a non-inc/decrement level sequence into the action list for a slider.
  • Undo/redo wasn't working for the 'Press button' function when it was edited.
  • When using the 'SendCommand' method in script code for sending IR commands on extension devices the SN wasn't used.
  • The 'Change button appearance' function didn't work if set to 'After' and when placed on a feedback item.
  • Sliders on subpages were not initialized correctly (bug introduced in 3.8.0).
  • In some situations, when reading the expanded states in the action tree, an error could occur, typically when creating a new project.
  • Trying to download a project file from a control system configured in Project Editor could give an error.
  • When pressing F1 in the 'Change button appearance'-, 'Link element'- and 'Press button' dialogs the proper help file wasn't shown.
  • Resetting filters for graphical elements when no default filters where saved, didn't reset the type filters and didn't apply the filters.
  • Keypads on control systems as extension devices was not included in documentation and when printing labels.
  • The 'Signal detection' interface for QueBec II/III is now included in PDF and Word documentation.
  • FIRMWARE: Risk of loosing TCP data when closing connection.
  • FIRMWARE: IR transmission on extension device or extension control system might fail.
  • FIRMWARE: Project upload might fail when using NEB bus (EcHo, EcHo Plus).
  • FIRMWARE: UDP connection data was accumulated (OsCar, EcHo Plus).
  • MODULE: LED indication for connecting to LAN device (TCP) wasn't cleared on connect when no OFF button was defined.
  • MODULE: Feedback 'out-of-sync' with multiple devices (if device status was changed while previous feedback change was being processed).
  • MODULE: A cyclic button press could occur, if using the 'Press button'.
  • It is now possible to attach an extension device on an RS-232 port without entering the serial number.
  • Updated Zoom/Pan/Tilt sequences in Cisco C20-C40-C60 Video conference device driver, so that they are supported even if IR is disabled on the codec.
Bug Fixes
  • After introduction of Neets control systems being supported as extension devices (Version 1.8.0), it was not possible to add I/O keypads to Neets Switching Relay - 4/8 if main control system already had native keypad or I/O keypad attached.
  • Project Designer would show an error on startup, if helpfiles were previously downloaded or unpacked unsuccessfully.
  • In rare occasions when installing Project Designer, the unpacked web, module or firmware packages might be empty resulting in an error when uploading the project to the control system.
  • When Project Designer runs for the first time, Device Indexer could fail to start due to missing registry entries.
  • If an inc/dec level sequence is attached to a graphical slider, and editing the level sequence to become a none-inc/dec level, the sequence wasn't removed from the slider.
  • If a level sequence was edited and then having missing data, the sequence wasn't removed from the sequence list.
  • When adding a 'Press button' function in the script code dialog, the inserted code was invalid and could not compile.
  • If a LAN port was occupied with normal LAN devices, it was not possible to add Neets extension devices (e.g. Switching Relay, Amplifier - 2:25). On startup, if Device Driver database is corrupt, Project Designer would fail to load.
  • In the 'Upload' dialog the Start button was initially disabled when selecting custom IP.
  • A physical key [A] linked to another physical key [B] now has the 'Change button appearance', if any, of [B] applied to [A].
  • Auto LED control was not working correctly on Neets extensions devices.
  • When adding feedback support to a device by using 'Edit device' the Feedback workspace was not updated to include the device.
  • When opening a project file from Microsoft Outlook and save the project you might see an error message due to unauthorized access.
  • Fixed missing key labels in Central Control on a Neets extension control system's native keypad.
  • In the System diagram, details regarding IP address was shown even if the control system was using DHCP.
  • Older projects with Neets extension devices might have pure RS-232 ports instead of RS-232/IR ports.
  • Older projects where a Neets extension device was attached to RS-232, collapsing the extension device in the System diagram and expanding again would result in port 1 being visible.
  • Auto feedback is disabled as default.
Bug Fixes
  • If a graphical toggle button had no functions on state 2, Change Button Apperance was still auto generated which would give a precompiler error.
  • NEB level control indication LED's was not reflecting the current volume.
  • Linked sliders was not reflecting the value of the master slider.
  • Instead of showing the user an unhandled error, the user is now warned if a device contains an invalid level sequence configuration.
  • Fixed unhandled error when adding a button on a master page to a group, which has other buttons linked to it.
  • Guard for invalid DB connection string when starting Project Designer. The string is defaulted.
  • Fixed LED's of physical buttons not lighting up according to the button type (e.g. off, on, source ) when linked to graphical buttons.
  • ClickShare: Compile error either when the 'inactive' and 'active' buttons are both linked to source sequences or when no source sequences are in the project.
  • FIRMWARE: NCC support for extension control systems (updated to protocol version 3).
  • MODULE: Baudrate could not be set on NEB expansion board.
  • MODULE: Mute buttons did not work on devices without Power off buttons.
  • MODULE: Mute buttons now follow power state defined for each button in ribbon in Project Designer.
  • Splash screen now shows which elements/resources that are being initialized.
  • Default login credentials for ClickShare devices is now 'integrator/integrator'.
  • When replacing a LAN device driver, the IP address is now also copied to the new device driver.
  • When tracking exceptions, it is now easier for Neets to reproduce.
Bug Fixes
  • ClickShare CSE-200 was not working. Please note that it is not possible to add on Neets Control - EcHo Plus and below. And you can only have one in the entire installation.
  • When replacing one ClickShare device with another, the interface was missing on the new device.
  • It was not possible to distinguish between ClickShare interfaces in the interface toolbox, when having more than one.
  • Some places the text was cut off or looked bad (especially for german and french translations).
  • Added missing tranlated help files for german, french and chinese.
  • Button info in ribbon was showing 'Auto' for keys that didn't have LED, now showing 'None'.
  • If keypad or ClickShare interface was open in Interface or Function workspace and undoing adding the interface, it was still open in the workspace.
  • Fixed possible BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) when uploading to control systems using USB, and config file could be corrupt when BSoD occured.
  • Fixed occasional unhandled error when resizing graphical elements.
  • Fixed error when clicking outside Interface workspace when creating a new line symbol.
  • KNOWN BUG: When uploading to EcHo Plus and OsCar systems, if 'Generate website' is disabled, the project will fail to load.
  • FIRMWARE: Improved LAN upload speed on SieRRa II, AlFa II and DelTa.
  • FIRMWARE: NEB Level Control on EcHo; When adjusting the volume up, and then one step down the value is always set to minimum value.
  • FIRMWARE: SendEmail was not working.
  • FIRMWARE: LAN upload was not working on OsCar and EcHo Plus.
  • IRMWARE: DelTa Preamp settings was not preserved after FW update from 3.7.X to 3.8.0.
  • FIRMWARE: It was not possible to connect to more than 3 extension devices.
  • FIRMWARE: KNOWN BUG: UART TX with 2 stop bits is not working! (SieRRa II, AlFa II, DelTa, SR-4, SR-8).
  • FIRMWARE: KNOWN BUG: Extension control systems (Systems connected as slaves) must have an empty project uploaded (with static IP address of slave system).
  • Ribbon interface now displays whether the State (for graphical buttons) or LED (for physical buttons) of the selected button is controlled manually or by other buttons (via change button appearance).
  • When connecting a Neets Audio Amplifier - 2:25 or Neets Audio Preamplifier via USB, user will be prompted if a firmware update exists.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed generated Central Control project file to support extension devices.
  • Fixed a startup error regarding the popup when a control system is connected.
  • KNOWN BUG: Issues with NEB Level Control on smaller control systems.
  • KNOWN BUG: On Windows 10 Blue-screen-of-death can occur while uploading via USB.
  • KNOWN BUG: ClickShare CSE-200 is not working.
  • KNOWN BUG: In Central Control, there are issues showing correct colors on LED's on control system extensions.
New Features
  • Use Neets control systems just like Switching Relay - 4/8, so you can extend the amount of ports and keypads to use in the system. Please note the following limitations: EcHo Plus can only be extended with 3 control systems.
  • Support for Neets Audio Amplifier - 2:25 and Neets Audio Preamplifier.
  • Easy ClickShare integration (CSC-1, CSM-1 and CSE-200).
  • New feedback events: 'System idle' to use for e.g. Auto shutdown and 'System started' to use for initializing device on system startup.
  • Setup white list access to the graphical user interface in properties for the control system.
  • Choose in which power states a button is activated.
  • It is now possible to have multiple distinct level sequences on the same button/slider.
  • Right click on a device in the System diagram to remove it.
  • Auto generated graphical states, to make manual state change redundant.
  • Group buttons to affect visual behaviour on keypad keys and graphical buttons.
  • Change the default state of LEDs and manually change the LED state for physical keys.
  • When using the PressButton function it is now possible to set the selected logical state on toggle buttons.
  • Complete redesign of the Feedback workspace, to make it more intuitive.
  • The control system would request the source status from a device, even though the power state was off. This is changed so source requests is only made when power state is on.
  • The title of project is now shown in the title bar.
  • When adding an Neets amplifier level sequence on a Neets NEB level control, compensation is now the default adjustment mode.
  • The buttons for project templates is now larger, to support more text and images.
  • Updated German, French and Chinese translations.
  • The 'What's new' video, is no longer auto played.
  • I/O ports in the System workspace now displays Up/Down when adding a screen to an I/O port, so it behaves like when adding on a relay port.
  • Improved the quality of the control system images in the backstage.
  • Default audio settings' setup website on DelTa's built-in audio mixer is now shown in OS's default browser.
Bug Fixes
  • When upgrading Project Designer from 1.6.8 to 1.7.0 the General Introduction video was shown instead of the What's new in 1.7 video.
  • Copy text in Help window was not working with Ctrl+C.
  • Multiple level sequences from different devices on the same button was not possible.
  • Output and Screen dialog selections did not expand automatically when a device was selected.
  • Sub page backgrounds were not shown on the Graphical User Interface.
  • The project backup file was not deleted in some scenarios when saving the current project.
  • When adding a sequence from a device attached to an extension device in script code, the space before the SN, was counted as a part of the SN and was therefore invalid.
  • On a newly opened project, when adding a sequence on a keypad button, the save-button was not enabled.
  • Filter settings in device list and graphical elements toolbox, together with the docking layout and expanded states in properties in System and Interface workspaces was not saved from one version of Project Designer to another.
  • Jump page functions were deleted when deleting a resolution. The down and up timings for a screen was switched.
  • It was possible to enter an invalid serial number for the specific type of extension device.
  • In some cases, if having an invalid entry in the device database, an exception could occur.
  • When closing the 'What's New' video dialog, it could sometimes continue in the background making Project Designer unresponsive.
  • Editing the title of a resolution in the Interface workspace was not possible without changing the width or height.
  • The font 'Arial Black' did not display properly on the graphical user interface and has been removed. All graphical elements using the font is converted to 'Arial' with bold font weight.
  • When dropping an extension device that supports both RS-232 and LAN in the System workspace, depending on the type of control system only LAN was selectable in the dialog.
  • If a continuous level sequence had a delay between sending commands of 0 ms, a compile error occurred.
  • The 'Change button appearance' function was possible to add on a level slider. This resulted in compile errors, and is not possible anymore. A corrupted RecentFiles.xml file is now deleted so it can be regenerated as an empty file.
  • When loading some projects with graphical elements that were grouped, an error occured. The project can now be loaded, but the invalid groups are excluded from the graphical interface.
  • In projects created in Project Designer before version 1.5.0, some functions were not loaded on buttons.
  • If two resolutions had the same name, one of them was always selected even on different resolutions on the clients.
  • The number of characters supported for a graphical label could exceed the maximum number of bytes (500) allowed, resulting in an exception when uploading.
  • Copying graphical elements with UTF-8 characters (E.g. Chinese) was not supported.
  • The background on the graphical user interface in the Neets Remote Android app was black instead of white for EcHo Plus and OsCar.
  • When using German language (maybe others as well), the help video icon in the 'Add ouput' dialog in the Function workspace was not visible due to longer text.
  • When using language settings on the PC where separator for decimals is ',' instead of '.' the website for EcHo Plus and OsCar didn't align the buttons correctly.
  • When undoing a graphical button deletion, which has a Press Button Functions referenced to it from feedback, the function is now no longer ignored.
  • Script code functions placed in the 'Time and escape' 'Button pressed again or timeout' was not included in the final script.
  • Attaching an I/O keypad to a QueBec II/III the buttons didn't work. This bug was introduced in an earlier version of Project Designer.
New Features
  • Easily replace a device driver with another one, by dragging it onto the existing device.
  • Copy/paste functions on buttons in the 'Function' workspace.
  • Protect your project files uploaded to a control system with a password.
  • Support for creating a new project from a predefined template (e.g. Video conference).
  • New features in the Hide/Show subpages special function: 'Hide all subpages' and 'Show subpage and hide again after x seconds'.
  • Context help (F1) in the entire application.
  • Context help (F1) in the script code/system code window.
  • Auto updatable help resources (PDF manuals and project templates).
  • A 'What's new in this version' video is displayed at first startup after upgrade.
  • Possibility to see more details in the System overview (Enable it in the ribbon).
  • Project Designer dependency directories now editable under Settings in the backstage.
  • Auto save function. A backup is created with a specific interval in case of Project Designer is closing unexpectedly.
  • Change the currently selected resolution - all pages belonging to the resolution will be resized keeping the aspect ratio of the elements on the page.
  • Default file name suggested when saving a project will be taken from the Caption and Location properties of the control system in use.
  • When adding a 'Link element' or 'Press button' function to a button, the interface selected in the dialog is preselected the next time the dialog is shown.
  • Switching Relay 4/8 can now be added to an EcHo Plus controlsystem on LAN.
  • Support for video conference from ClearOne.
  • Support for video conference from ClearOne.
  • Windows 10 compatibility.
  • Project Designer can no longer be installed on Windows XP.
  • After certificate upgrade (improved security), installation on Windows Vista may prompt with an 'Unidentified Publisher'.
  • Upgraded InstallShield.
  • Backstage is redesigned in the 'New' area.
  • The ribbon view has changed - the elements are now grouped in logical groups.
  • It is now possible to use level sequences on the same button if they are not from the same device.
  • Updated pre-amplifier devices for DelTa.
  • The default setting for first time use of the Interface workspace is: No gridlines shown and no ruler shown.
  • When using a video conference device (codec) in a resolution lower than the one specified in the device, the subpages are now resized keeping the aspect ratio.
  • The properties view for the graphical symbol elements has changed.
  • LAN lookup optimization.
  • 'Keyboard' is now called 'Keypad'.
  • Improved intellisense in System/Script Code dialog.
  • Removed non-used SQR721N.TTF font from InstallShield.
  • Firmware 3.7.0: Processor speed increased on SieRRa II, AlFa II and DelTa.
Bug Fixes
  • On low resolution screens, the Ok/Cancel buttons on the Change button appearance dialog were hidden.
  • With DPI setting larger than 96, the pages in the Interface workspace, got smaller and smaller every time you clicked the page in the interfaces list.
  • When rotating a label in the Interface workspace by first changing the angle property in the properties view and then clicking one of the rotate buttons in the ribbon, the angle property didn't update properly.
  • Project Designer is no longer locked, when trying to edit a device with a missing installation of Device Editor.
  • On slower machines, when changing language, Project Designer does not automatically restart.
  • When setting a page as homepage right after renaming, the homepage icon disappears.
  • The list in LAN lookup is not updated correctly
  • Project Designer application-process is kept alive, if script-code window is open, when closing the main application
  • Vertical offset of text on a button (set in the button states) did not change correctly when resizing the button.
  • The number of feedback sequences displayed in the tooltip for a device driver in the device list, was not always correct.
  • Feedback sequences with request interval = 0 were shown in the input triggers toolbox in the Feedback workspace even though they were not usable.
  • Multiple graphical elements could have same ID, when using a Video Conference device.
  • The search phrases in device list and sequence list was not reset when creating a new project.
  • There might be mulitple Neets amplifier devices in the device list in the 'System' workspace.
  • When editing the 'Feedback delay' in the Device Editor, the change was not applied in Project Designer.
  • The Device indexer was showing errors on startup if it was accessing a folder that did not exist.
  • The Device indexer didn't start properly if there was no write access to the device database. Now a message is shown.
  • When editing sequence 'Byte delay' in Device Editor, the change was not applied in Project Designer.
  • When adding a codec device to a project with multiple resolutions an error occurred when no resolution is selected.
  • If the device folder as defined in the registration database wasn't existing, the updater would fail when checking for updates.
  • Fixed installation on machines with synchronized Documents folder. Uninstall/upgrade of 1.6.X can still fail.
  • Using the phonebook of the video conference on the graphical user interface, if you wanted to create a new contact, but the search already found an entry, it was not possible to add it.
  • Firmware 3.7.0: Fix for returning I/O output state.
  • Firmware 3.7.0: Fix for KeyboardLockPress event fired twice (Now only on KeyDown events).
  • Firmware 3.7.0: Fix for DHCP lease time, when no Renewal or Rebinding timers are received from DHCP server.
  • Firmware 3.7.0: Fix for not closing WebSockets when TCP stack requests socket close (AlFa II, SieRRa II and DelTa).
  • Firmware 3.7.0: Fix for no disconnect of RS232 loopthrough on SR4/8 devices when controled by Neets devices.
  • Firmware 3.7.0: Fix for not working Disable2Way function for RS485 ports (DelTa).
  • Firmware 3.7.0: Fix for non-working memcpy command on SieRRa II, AlFa II and DelTa.
  • Firmware 3.7.0: Fix for timeout with IR Learner on DelTa (at first Learn attempt).
  • Firmware 3.7.0: Fix for HTTP Whitelist.
  • Firmware 3.7.0: Fix for lagging sliders in SieRRa II, AlFa II and DelTa.
  • Firmware 3.7.0: Fix for not working RS485 port (DelTa).
  • Module 3.7.0: Fix for Light Control (0-10V Analog output) on DelTa: If min and max were equal, the system hung up.
  • Module 3.7.0: Fix for PowerOff feedback, if Mute was active.
  • Module 3.7.0: Fix for issue with Inc/Dec control and feedback. Internal Inc/Dec value now has priority above feedback value.
  • Module 3.7.0: Fix for KeyboardLock not working correct.
  • Module 3.7.0: Control system couldn't connect to gateway devices on Neets amplifier 312-0003 on LAN.
  • Module 3.7.0: Fix for RS232Enable2Way and SR4/8 control on RS232 port.
New Features
  • Included firmware version 3.6.7
Bug Fixes
  • Fix for incorrect version for SR4/8 in 3.6.5.
Bug Fixes
  • Symbols were not renderes properly on the graphical user interface.
  • Firmware 3.6.5: Fix for DHCP lease time, when no Renewal or Rebinding timers are received from DHCP server.
  • Firmware 3.6.5: Fix for web interface "Connection lost" issue (AlFa II, SieRRa II and DelTa).
  • Module 3.6.4: Fix for error in Mute and PowerOff functions, when feedback indicates projector is off.
  • Module 3.6.4: Fix for issue with Inc/Dec control and feedback. Internal Inc/Dec value now has priority above feedback value.
New Features
  • Improved NEB error handling and reconnection on all systems.
Bug Fixes
  • Sequence execution when a button/feedback has more than 10 functions attached.
  • When changing to a page with a slider using 0-10V, that was not the front page, the slider value was wrong.
  • Sliders on sub pages were not visible.
  • When sending data on NEB Expansion boards (on DelTa), data was not transmitted on the correct port (both RS232 and RS485).
New Features
  • Upgrade the firmware in 'Switching Relay - 4' and 'Switching Relay - 8' directly from the Project Designer.
Bug Fixes
  • When changing back to a page with a slider on the graphical user interface, the slider had a wrong value.
  • When receiving group addresses higher than 16/X/X by KNX the address was not handled right.
  • The DelTa now reconnect more stable to SR-4/8 when power is connected.
  • On QueBec II/III, OsCar, BraVo, EcHo and EcHo Plus the script event @IOStateChange had swapped the IO pins state.
New Features
  • French language included.
Bug Fixes
  • A bug in a previous version regarding grouping of graphical elements, could result in the project not being able to open.
  • When using both an IO-keypad and a Neets switching relay directly on the controlsystem at the same time, IOs on switching-relay was not working.
New Features
  • Support for Polycom video conference - RealPresence Group series 500.
  • Optional usage statistics gathering.
Bug Fixes
  • With DPI setting larger than 96, the pages in the Interface view, got smaller and smaller every time you clicked the page in the interfaces list.
  • All types of sequences but 'Source' should be able to be dropped within an 'Auto power on' function.
  • Compile error when using different sequences from the same device where the reply type was different (e.g. level reply vs. string reply) on both a button and a feedback item.
Bug Fixes
  • Feedback sequences of type 'number range' or 'time' without feedback answer/reply were not loaded correctly.
  • Feedback on a device connected to a Neets amplifier wasn't working.
New Features
  • Neets Control - SieRRa II is now supported.
  • Documentation of the System connection diagram and interfaces in the project.
  • Chinese language included.
  • Redesign of the device list in the System workspace.
  • It is now possible to add multiple dynamic contents in a 'Send e-mail' function. E.g. send one e-mail with both lamp and filter values.
  • E-mail functionality is now enabled for all LAN control systems (e.g. AlFa II and DelTa).
  • It is now easier to add Output and Screen control to the Power on I/O function.
Bug Fixes
  • The Neets Device Indexer didn't index properly when removing devices from a sub folder, so that the device database was faulty resulting in error when starting application.
  • When adding an Output control or Screen control to a button and selecting 'Momentary' or 'Time and escape', a prompt was shown to confirm even though the button was empty.
  • Powering on a device on a toggle button state greater than 1 resulted in a compile error.
  • Some operations when moving and inserting functions in the action tree wasn't possible.
  • No progress indication on level sliders on graphical user interface, due to a slider is limited in either the width or height and a progress indication didn't make sense.
  • Performance optimization on the server requests on the graphical user interface.
Bug Fixes
  • If adding a function in script code which device is placed on SR-4/8 and serial number was not entered yet, the entered serial number was saved for SR-4/8 but was removed again after selecting the device in the System workspace.
  • Handled error if graphical elements could not be loaded at application startup. It resulted in the Project Designer could not be started.
  • When using Video conference on the graphical user interface, some texts were always English.
  • Progress indication was missing on buttons on sub pages on the graphical user interface.
  • Only first port can be assigned from an output with multiple ports. Note - Projects saved in 1.5.1 with an output device with multiple ports; port-selection maybe lost if other port than the first port is selected.
  • I/O keyboard wasn't working on DelTa and AlFa II.
New Features
  • French language included.
  • All images are removed from the uploaded project file, to decrease the size of it in the control system.
  • When adding an output/screen control to a button that is already assigned with functions, the button mode is now preselected.
  • The setting wether the project file should be uploaded is no longer saved when closing the application.
  • The default orientation for a keyboard was horizontal, is now changed to vertical.
Bug Fixes
  • Moving an Input from one port to another didn't update the port number in the Input triggers in Feedback.
  • It should not be possible to add a Neets Extension Device on a Neets amplifier loopthrough port.
  • When using a Neets amplifier on RS232 other than port 1 on control system, a loopthrough device didn't work.
  • When using a Neets amplifier on RS232 through a Neets extension device, the port configuration sent to the amplifier could be wrong.
  • Improved error handling when precompiling encounters an unhandled error.
  • Feedback reply text was missing if input with multiple pins is added to a SR4/8.
  • Using Internet Explorer to show the graphical interface for EcHo Plus and Oscar, sometimes the LED was not updated properly.
  • An unhandled error occurred when creating a new button with the default image.
  • In LAN panel overview (upload, download, get information), it was possible to press Start even though the control system was unreachable.
  • Update interface lists, when having undone an add page or import.
  • Pasted elements was not scaled if they did not fit destination page or was outside the boundaries.
  • Source sequences was interpreted as power on sequence du to the auto power on function. That could lead to unexpected behavior on the LED indication on physical keypad.
  • When a control system was in mute state indicating it on a physical keypad it did not exit mute state when pressing a source or off button.
  • It was possible to adminstrate pages and resolutions on control systems not supporting own graphical user interface (e.g. OsCar and EcHo Plus).
  • Press button functions not removed when deleting button.
  • Possible to add functions to sliders on Neets Keyboards.
  • When moving a Screen control device used as function, project file could not be loaded.
New Features
  • Support for the following control systems: QueBec II/III, BraVo, OsCar, EcHo, EcHo Plus.
  • Use video conference devices with phonebook on the graphical user interface.
  • Power on I/O function, to make it possible to use other actions when powering on a device.
  • Support for 4 addresses on NEB keyboards.
  • Support for Neets Swithcing Relay - 4.
  • Possible to send an e-mail.
  • In the Interface section you can now design keyboard labels and print them.
  • A file for Central Control is uploaded to all control systems supporting LAN. This means you can monitor a control system from Central Control even though the project file is not uploaded.
  • Performance and memory optimized.
  • The workspace names are changed.
  • The setting wether the project file should be uploaded is no longer saved when closing the application.
  • Removed the 'Own' device filter in the System workspace.
  • The selected graphical user interface languages is now also saved in project file.
Bug Fixes
  • A level slider placed horizontally with a knob image larger than the slider background, was resulting in the slider being rendered incorrectly on the graphical user interface.
  • Using an NEB keyboard and a LAN device was giving compiler errors.
  • An error might occur when using the import graphics function from a project file including sub pages.
  • Adding a keyboard lock on control system port was giving a compiler error.
  • The feedback sequence 'Channel 5 mute' and 'Channel 6 mute' was mapped as 'Channel 4 mute' when loading a saved project. The fix does not affect existing projects.
  • Memory usage optimization during loading of projects and when generating graphical user interface when uploading.
  • When compiling a project, the two warnings/errors in the bottom of the list was not visible due to a faulty scrollbar.
  • The Start/stop level sequences was always using the start command for both start and stop.
  • The text on a device in the System Designer could overflow to multiple lines, resulting in not showing the device box.
  • When changing the serial number on SR-4 and SR-8, the changes where not affected in code script functions placed on feedback items.
  • Buttons using a 'Press button' function didn't lock when the devices on the referenced button was busy.
  • Creating a feedback item with the use of a 'Time' feedback sequence resulted in compile error.
  • When creating a new level slider, you couldn't select images.
  • If adding two NEB keyboards or two NEB level controls A and B, then deleting A, saving the project and open it again, the B keyboard/level control was loaded as A.
  • If the Press button function dialog was opened with small screen resolution, the Cancel and OK buttons were not visible.
  • Rotation elements from properties panel failed under some conditions.
  • Undo of move devices failed when used several times.
New Features
  • AlFa II control system is now supported.
  • Create your own custom shapes and lines. Use it to create sections on your graphical user interface.
  • Possible to create your own language for the graphical user interface.
  • Import your graphical layout from other Project Designer projects or from a Project Editor exported graphics file.
  • Create sub pages and make it possible to hide and show them runtime. Use it as a menu or create a popup on the graphical user interface.
  • New Device indexer included. Device drivers released by Neets are now automatically downloaded to the PC.
  • Possible to assign function/sequences to buttons on master pages when viewing a normal page.
  • It was not clear to the user why a Level Sequence cannot be dropped on a Level Slider.
  • The amount of allowed elements is changed from 1050 to 1500, which makes it possible to create larger projects.
  • The application is now starting in the backstage, due to the support of AlFa II.
  • If the SD card for a DelTa was formatted, the preamplifer setup page was missing. It is now uploaded if it doesn't already exist on the DelTa.
  • Possible to keep aspect ratio when resizing elements.
  • The description of a device is now shown in the properties window.
  • It is now possible to select images larger that 2 MB. They will however be resized before usage.
Bug Fixes
  • Possible to undock graphical pages on entire header.
  • Do not show drop allowed, when dragging functions from Actions tree over an assignable button.
  • Ungrouping of elements is not saved in the project file. Not possible to save project after change of time in Assign Function - Actions tree.
  • It shouldn't be possible to mark a Level slider as 'Indication only' and 'Jump to click' at the same time.
  • During installation on PC's with more than one device path set, an error occurred resulting in devices not being copied.
  • Using start/stop level sequences was giving precompiler errors. Progress indication was in certain times missing and timing was incorrect.
  • Page background color alpha channel did not display correct. The front and knob images of a level slider was sometimes not loaded correctly on the graphical user interface.
  • Corrupt project file if device with bound function is moved from an SR-8 port to a Delta port.
  • Id numbers larger than 999 weren't shown correctly. Bottom part of certain dialog windows wasn't shown on low resolution screens.
  • Special functions assigned in a button with multiple toggle states were not cleaned up, incl. undo-redo.
  • Compile errors when changing button appearance on button with empty button-toggle-states or when first toggle-state is empty.
  • When moving a device the second time in System Designer, available ports are not updated
  • Visual ordering (z-index) of elements are lost when copying a group, where one of the elements has been moved forwards/backwards
Bug Fixes
  • Progress indication was not shown on master pages on web.
  • The 'Busy' overlay was placed wrong on web.
  • Could not compile if SR-8 and other LAN device was used at the same time.
  • Invalid file type was sometimes shown when opening a project due to uppercase file extension.
  • Unable to display a large image in the Connection Diagram in properties for a device.
  • Wrong text when downloading a project file.
  • Error when opening a project where a graphical button is assigned to a hardware keyboard button and the hardware keyboard is deleted.
  • Undo delete of a hardware keyboard with graphical buttons assigned to it, was not supported.
New Features
  • The 'Neets Switching Relay - 8' is fully integrated, so it can be used like any other port on DelTa.
  • Added possibility to style the progress indication on the graphical user interface.
  • It is now possible to use a level slider to control e.g. volume or light.
  • The SendCommand method is added in the Code editor. This makes it easier to send commands from script.
  • Performace optimization of the progress indication on the graphical user interface.
  • Performance optimization in the System Designer when adding, removing and moving devices.
  • Redesign of custom I/O Keyboards.
Bug Fixes
  • Adding a Preamp sequence in the Code editor wasn't supported, giving a precompiler error.
  • When adding an I/O keyboard on an NEB expansion, the keyboard didn't appear in the interface list, so the buttons could not be assigned.
  • Using two Neets amplifiers with loopthrough or gateway devices was giving a precompiler error. The System designer is now limited to having only 1 amplifier with sub ports.
  • Using an inc/decrement level sequence from two equal devices was giving a precompiler error.
  • Linking two physical buttons together wasn't working.
  • Deleting an input in System Designer, which has more than one I/O assigned in feedback, gave an error.
  • When using a 'Time' reply in Feedback the entered value was applied but not shown.
  • Add I/O input using 2 ports to a NEB expansion board gave an error.
  • Upload project to IP-adress would make the application crash.
  • Removed used functions and feedback inputs when changing the number of connected ports for I/O devices in the System designer.
Bug Fixes
  • Not all text in Project Designer were in the selected language.
  • When adding an NEB keyboard it is not working without an IO keyboard configured.
Bug Fixes
  • When editing a device driver an error occured when having feedback items using IO devices.
  • When editing a device all feedback sequences with Behavior=Listen for, were deleted from the device.
  • When changing elements size from ribbon, it changed also for selected elements on masterpages.
New Features
  • The 'Neets Switching Relay - 8' device is added in the Neets device list.
  • It is now possible to choose custom colors when changing text and background color.
  • The dialogs for adding an output control, screen control and 0-10V control was not working and looking similar.
  • When moving a device to another port, the hovered port is now highlighted like when adding a device.
  • When connection was lost to the control system (fx. when uploading a new project) the browser was trying to reconnect every 15 seconds. That is changed to 5 seconds.
  • When having multiple LAN devices it was not possible to see the virtual port number and use this when scripting. The devices in the System designer now has a virtual port number.
  • Possible to change graphical elements position from ribbon, to set an exact position.
Bug Fixes
  • When selecting 'Text' in Interface Designer and started dragging, the text did not resize.
  • When setting the size of a element in the interface designer, you was fixed to move in the step that the grid had.
  • If there in Interface designer had been selected 'no grid', resizing a element happened in the previously used grid cell size. Now it is always using 1 in grid cell size.
  • The level sequences is now included in the sequence list in the 'Code script' dialog.
  • In Feedback when screen control was changed from Up or Down to Stop with the dropdown, screen time was still shown.
  • When a button had multiple states and a 'Screen control' was added to it, and then you pressed 'Cancel' in the 'Choose press number' dialog, the 'Add screen' dialog would still show.
  • When the device driver path or device database path was changed from the Project Editor, the Project Designer was not updating the device list.
  • When multiple Screen controls was added and the time was edited on one of the items, it didn't visually update the time on the other items in the action tree.
  • The level sequences was included in the sequence list in the code script dialog, they are not supported here.
  • When making some of the toolboxes floating, it was not possible to dock them again.
  • The background color item in 'Background' menu in Interface designer could only be clicked at specific areas.
  • The background color button for a page in Interface designer was not shown correctly.
  • The expanded states on the devices toolbox in the System designer was not saved when device database changed ocurred.
  • If a 0-10V device was added, but not used on a button or feedback item, the default value was not initialized in the DelTa.
  • It is not possible to upload by LAN or change IP address on a DelTa with firware version 3.1.0 or below.
  • Do not show 'Select connection type' dialog when dropping a device to an RS232/IR port when device only supports one of the connection types.
  • When saving elements as templates, the theme validation border was too wide.
  • When resizing buttons the font size was not changed on all graphical states.
  • Optimized performance when adding functions to a button with many toggle states.
  • When two different keys are linking to the same graphical button there was a compile error.
  • It was not possible to create a new project when the application was started by opening a project file.
  • Loading layouts with multiple floating windows, several windows disappeared.
  • Visual feedback, when moving a device from one port to a other.
  • It was not possible to move a graphical element outside the borders of a page.
New Features
  • A port in the System designer is now highlighted when dragging a device over it, to see where it is added.
  • When entering an invalid page name you didn't get to know what the error was.
  • The control system is now using feedback for inc/decrement level sequences if device supports it, even though it is not configured in the Feedback area. This means that the level is always syncronized with the actual value of the device.
  • Changes in the way dropping items to the action list is behaving.
  • It is now possible to add exact value inc/dec level sequence to a Feedback item.
Bug Fixes
  • Splash screen was shown on top of dialogs if errors occured.
  • Only half of the arrow was visible in some cases, when dragging into the action tree in Feedback.
  • When adding a device with invalid data an error occured. Now it checks for invalid data and handles it.
  • When the Device Indexer had updated the database (reindexed), the 'Sort by date' was selected in the device list.
  • When saving a project that had been opened from Microsoft Outlook an error occurred.
  • When changing the application language some elements was not updated. Now the application restarts to make all places take effect.
  • When resizing the Code script window, the code editor was not following the size of the window.
  • Adding a sequence in script code that had 2 commands, the code could not compile.
  • The messages and progress of the upload process was not updated correctly when uploading by LAN.
  • The expanded states on some of the toolboxes was not saved when changing workspace.
  • It was possible to add more than one I/O keyboard to the DelTa. Only one is supported.
  • In the Android app, the background was black when a transparent background was selected. Now it is white as in a standard PC browser.
  • If using a 0-10V output or a level sequence on a feedback item without it being using on a button, there was precompiler errors.
  • Buttons was not deselected in Assign Functions when changing the interface selection or clicking on anything else than a button in the selected interface.
  • Minor visual changes.
  • Updated install shield.
New Features
  • New feedback area to adjust and control two-way communication.
  • Device drivers are now automatically updated to the newest version when added.
  • A new function that can "press" another button. Use it like the "link button" function, but with extra functionality.
  • Possible to use movement sensor and keyboard lock functions.
  • Possible to remove all functions on buttons with the delete keyboard key.
  • It is now possible to extract an image from a graphical element to save on PC. Use the button to the right of the thumbnail in properties for the element.
  • Possible to reset layouts to show the default layouts.
  • The pre-amplifier device on DelTa has been split into two devices.
  • When selecting a graphical label, it now only gets selected. When double-clicking it now goes to to edit mode. Before it was going directly to edit mode when selecting the label.
  • The graphical elements toolbox in the Interface Designer is redesigned.
  • Minor visual changes.
  • It is now possible to add a level exact value on each state on a toggle button.
  • When adding a Screen device in the System designer not directly on a port, you can now choose to attach on I/O or relay ports.
Bug Fixes
  • Icons in message dialogs was aligned vertically center on dialog instead of top.
  • Graphical buttons linked to other buttons was not working.
  • If using a level inc/decrement sequence an error occurred in the precompiling process.
  • It was possible to select master page elements on normal pages, when creating link functions.
  • Pasting graphical elements was not positioned correctly.
  • Removing a graphical element was not possible when right clicking on the element.
  • Fixed application crash when deleting a device.
  • Undo deleting a graphical element resulted in incorrect Z-index.
  • Z-Index for graphical elements, incorrect when using 'Bring forward' and 'Bring backward'.
  • Ribbon menu collapses in specific scenario, without user interaction.
  • When deleting a Screen control device, buttons using the device was not cleared correctly.
  • It was not possible to change the step value on 0-10V devices.
  • It should not be possible to move a device from one type of port to another.
  • When editing texts/labels directly on a graphical page the entire text wasn't shown.
  • Screen control function was not cleared correctly on button when Screen is deleted.
  • When deleting a device all keyboard keys were cleared without regards to what device was deleted.
  • Compiler error when linking multiple buttons to another button.
  • There were some issues when installing the Neets Project Designer on a Windows XP machine.
  • When rearranging items in the actions list, the orange line was shown even if an item could not be inserted.
  • When adding an Output control or Screen control in System code an error occurred.
  • When using more than 2 Screen devices a compile error occurred. Furthermore using a Screen device on NEB expansion created a compile error.
  • When using 125% text size (DPI) the zoom area was not visible in Interface Designer.
  • If you have only made changes in System code, they were not saved in project file when saving.
  • When undoing deleting a device in System Designer, an error occurred.
  • When undoing deleting the functions on a button in Assign Functions, an error occurred.
  • The button ID's in Assign functions was aligned incorrectly when zoomed.
  • The button ID's was shown for all graphical elements, and not only buttons/keys.
  • The button ID's was rotated when the button was rotated.
  • It was not possible to select the connection type for devices that supports more than one connection type, when added to the control system.
  • When changing an exact value on a level sequence to a negative number within the range, the value was reverted to its original value.
  • Pressing 'Cancel' in code script dialog still saved the text.
  • When using the arrow keys to move graphical elements beyond the borders of the page, an inappropriate behavior occurred.
  • The DelTa setup page was uploaded when not necessary. Should only be uploaded when new firmware is required.
  • The progress indication on the generated website was rotated, when button was rotated. It is now starting at 12 o'clock.
  • When changing the font on a label, the size of the label wasn't adjusted accordingly.
  • If installing the 1.0.0 version of the software after a newer version has been installed, it might not be possible to start the application because graphical elements was converted to the new version.
  • When opening a project directly from an e-mail in e.g. Microsoft Outlook or from another write protected path, and the project is upgraded an error occurred.
  • Using touch gestures on a touch screen on graphical pages in Interface designer or Assign functions resulted in an unwanted behavior.
Bug Fixes
  • Graphical buttons linked to other buttons was not working. But physical buttons linked to other buttons did.
  • If using a level inc/decrement sequence with binary count type, an error occurred in the precompiling process.
  • USB driver was not installed properly on Windows 8.1 machines.
Bug Fixes
  • When adding a label in the Interface designer and all text in it was deleted, it was not possible to upload the project to the Control system
New Features
  • Possible to sort device drivers
  • Possible to edit a device
  • Possible to change the IP address for a control system on the network
  • Option to change the language for the application
  • Directly change DelTa preamplifier settings from application
  • Optimization of the startup speed
  • Optimized the overall performance of the application.
  • Tooltips visually changed
  • The device selection has been split up in new areas
  • The uncompiled script file is not uploaded to control system anymore, to decrease upload time
  • The progress indicator had rounded corners on buttons. The rounded corners are now removed
  • Added range indication for level sequence with exact value in the Actions list and in the dialog when adding the function
  • Inverted editable fields text color in the Assign function Actions list
  • When sending a button press to the control system from the graphical user interface, it is now tried 3 times before showing timeout if such happens
  • Assign functions actions tree is changed so command and delay nodes are seperate nodes
  • All deployed projects and graphical elements are updated to current version
  • Renaming a graphical page from the ribbon is not possible anymore
  • The thickness of the ring of the progress indicator on a graphical button is now calculated relative to button size, instead of fixed size
  • Edit device button moved to properties container
  • Possible to also see the firmware version of a control system on the network in the finalize dialog.
  • Keep same floating Interface page position and size between Interface designer and Assign functions.
  • Administrator can set forcing firmware upload to control system.
  • Properties in the System designer is pinned as default
Bug Fixes
  • When using [space] in the page name, the website couldn’t load images from control system.
  • Holding down a level button to adjust level continuously, didn’t work on touch devices.
  • Added missing tooltips.
  • Visually aligned texts in some dialogs correctly.
  • Linked buttons didn't get the progress indicator when busy.
  • When showing device information for control system, the HW version showed the FW version.
  • When rotating an iPad, the visible area looked weird. Some of the page was not rotated.
  • When adding a level sequence (not exaxt) to a button it was treated as a latch button instead of a momentary button.
  • Not loading the type for Output control functions from saved projects.
  • Error on upload via LAN.
  • AutoPowerOn sequence was not deleted, when a source sequence was deleted from the Action list.
  • Fixed application crash when changing workspace with floating windows.
  • Ask for toggle state prior to the change button state dialog.
  • The background on pages (if any) were hiding the elements on the master page.
  • Master page elements were placed in top of page elements.
  • When installing Project Designer, some installations had problems with starting the Device Indexer.
  • Some dialogs was not localized.
  • When deleting a button that was used in a 'Change button state' function, an error could occur when saving the project.
  • If using multiple devices, in a specific order, the waiting time for a device didn't match the time for a button to lock and indicate progress.
  • The text on a label that is placed on the master page can be edited on all the other pages (only direct editing)
  • When starting a second instance of the application, the second instance would shutdown again and upon shutting down access an invalid mutex-handle causing a 'Program has stopped working' dialog.
  • When adding a source sequence to a momentary button release state you get a "unexpected error"
  • Enable or disable DHCP for a DelTa.
  • Changing IP of a DelTa, does not update IP in list.
  • Made it possible to see when Device Editor is open in Project Designer, and advise user to close it to use Project Designer.
  • Links between devices and a NEB expansion port were not shown correctly in System Designer.
  • Warn user when changing Button mode on a button that already contains function.
  • Undo of adding a function where the button mode were changed did not undo the change of button mode.
  • The selected LAN control system in the upload dialog is now indicated as selected.
  • Undo after resizing elements in the Interface designer corrected.
  • Resizing elements with the mouse and SHIFT key pressed corrected to keep aspect ratio.
  • Is must not be possible to delete the last resolution. There must always be a start page.
  • A button on graphical interface could still be pressed, even no functions were added.
  • A button on graphical interface didn't stay on the pressed state when holding down the button.
  • Changed layout of unhandled exception dialog.
  • If the LAN lookup dialog was open in Neets Project Editor or port 8000 was used in another way, the Project Designer would crash on startup.
  • When hovering the mouse on the USB popup message when connecting a control system, the popup didn't disappear again.
  • Removed duplicate curly brackets in System code for events.
  • Distribute graphical elements horizontal/vertical, moved elements outside page.
  • Ribbon could eventually minimize itself when changing workspace.
  • Application language for German language has been revised.
  • If the waiting/progress time on a button on the end-user interface is lower than 1 second, it is not indicated with a progress indicator anymore.
Bug Fixes
  • Master page elements shown on pages other than the start page were not initialized correctly on the end-user interface.
  • The progress indicator on graphical buttons did not appear on non-masterpage elements on the end-user interface. Only the dark overlay was visible.
  • When changing page on the end-user interface the buttons showing progress indicator were cleared.
  • Page names with Unicode characters makes website not being able to load images.
  • When deleting a device in a project and then save, the project couldn’t be opened again. Now all functions relating to the deleted device is removed when opening the project again.
Bug Fixes
  • When installing the 1.0.0 on a PC running another language that Danish, German or English upload was not possible
New Features
  • First release