Control other in-room peripherals such as lighting, climate devices, curtains, and room dividers

Provide users all the functions they need on a single touch device for a consistent experience

Simplify your project with a one brand control solution in a large, multiroom installation

Easy, fast and familiar configuration with the free software Neets Project Designer

Affordable one brand control solution

Simplify your installation with Biamp

Adding in-room control functionality with Biamp Control Systems is an easy and familiar process - everything is done in Project Designer, our free, drag'n'drop configuration software! This is especially convenient in multiroom installations where Cisco collaboration endpoints are only used in some rooms. With the Neets-Cisco integration, you can now use Biamps' range of control systems for the entire project, meaning fewer resources deployed, lower cost and a faster project turnaround time. 

Biamp Control Systems that can be integrated with Cisco Telepresence Touch

Neets Control - AlFa II

  • Touch controller ideal for rack mounting
  • 24 x I/O and 5 x RS-232 connections
  • Ethernet port for LAN devices
  • 4 x low voltage relays
  • PoE

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How to configure the integration


Design the desired GUI interface and functions for the end-users using Cisco's in-room configuration

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