The evergrowing importance of audio in collaboration spaces

Why investing in a high-quality audio system is just as important as a display when equipping a modern meeting room.

In recent years, many meeting and collaboration spaces have been simplified with thinner and larger consumer or pro displays. These displays are a standard tool in meeting rooms for employees to hold presentations, making it easy to share information and help teams collaborate. However, purchasing equipment for meeting rooms has become a race to install the wildest technology in the meeting room, with little focus on what meeting room users really need. Here, we’re talking about 60” displays, ultra-thin OLED, HD and 8K resolution.

In the process of speccing meeting rooms with the coolest new display, many forget to prioritize the importance of audio and just settle for the built-in speakers in the display. Audio quality is rarely taken into consideration; especially since for many, a presentation in a meeting room is just a PowerPoint slide deck with some text and images and not an immersive, interactive, multisensory experience!

For us, there is no doubt that a multisensory experience when holding presentations is a much more effective way to communicate!

Studies show that using multimedia in a classroom setting helps students learn better and faster. By accommodating the fact that different people have different ways of learning and processing information, teachers can make sure that all their students can be engaged in learning.

So our question is - if multimedia works well for children, why shouldn’t it work well for adults?

We believe that using different forms of media when holding a presentation - rather than simply using a slide deck - is a great way to make meeting attendees engage with the content of the presentation and help them retain the information afterward.

What do we have to back this up? Well, some facts are hard to question and in 2019, video is everywhere. And video is here to stay.

Video fun facts

  • 1.9 billion people visit YouTube every month
  • 1 billion hours of content is watched on YouTube every single day
  • 8 billion average daily video views on Facebook
  • Since the launch of video on Linkedin in 2017, videos on Linkedin have been seen more than 300 million times
  • Video on Instagram is increasing by 80% year on year

The modern presenters and users of AV technology in meeting spaces are video-minded! They create mini videos in the form of stories on Facebook and Instagram, use live streaming and consume several videos on different platforms every single day.

It is safe to assume that video and other forms of interactive media are the ways people prefer to communicate today. They also want to bring this communication form into the meeting room. Furthermore, many meetings and presentations are becoming virtual thanks to advancements in video conferencing solutions.

This emphasizes the importance of audio equipment in the modern meeting room, no matter its size. High-quality audio helps presenters get their message across when holding a presentation, and ensures that meeting attendees can understand each other clearly when holding a video conference.

At Neets, we have realized the evergrowing importance of audio for meeting room users and have adjusted our product portfolio to match the evolving needs of the market. In addition to AV control systems, which has been our expertise for the last 20+ years, we have developed a professional quality Sound Bar that has three sound presets: Music, Voice and Presentation. These three presets help users make the most out of their audio system by allowing them to optimize the equalizer setting to play music, play audio from streaming videos or get high-quality sound in a video conference call.  

We hope that these insights have made you realize the importance of investing in a quality commercial AV system with audio equipment for your meeting rooms. 

If you're interested in learning more about how great audio can transform the overall meeting room experience, check out our case story about Creative Zoo, a Danish design agency. In the case story, Creative Zoo's sales director shares his thoughts about the Neets SoundBar and the importance of great sound.

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