This is what the conference room of the future looks like

Is your conference room ready for the future? Get the best use out of conference room equipment—learn how conference room technology can secure your premises for the future!

Do your conference rooms make your business look good? This is important if you want your business to make a positive impression and be respected. Your conference rooms can help you achieve this if you transform them into inspiring rooms where everything works as it should - including the technology! By doing that, you will be able to organize conferences that go beyond participants' expectations, leave a lasting impression, motivate and inspire them to action.

In this post, we have a look at some of the upcoming trends and best practices that will influence the way we design conference rooms in the future.

Improving corporate image

Whether your company holds conferences and events or hosts conferences for other companies, having top-quality conference room equipment is extremely important. The experience you give conference participants can have a significant impact on your reputation. If your equipment is outdated or doesn't work properly, your company or the company you're hosting on your premises can appear unprofessional. That can even have a long-term impact on competitive advantage.

There is strong competition in every industry and this competition will only continue to grow in the future. Maintaining your competitive advantage against the competition is, therefore, essential for the sustainability and survival of your business in the future. If you fail to do this, respect and interest in your business will also disappear over time.

Remaining competitive in the market place definitely requires hard work and effort. However, if you are holding conferences, you're already doing well! When holding conferences, you position yourself as an expert and an authority in the field. Gathering professionals for exciting presentations and networking events shows commitment to the industry and its improvement. You also demonstrate that you are forward-thinking and have a desire to learn and improve - an important characteristic which helps others make a great impression of you and your company's identity.

A modern conference room equipped with the latest technology will also indicate that you and your company are progressive and innovative - more great associations that help improve corporate image. When conference room technology works exactly as intended, participants are set to have a memorable experience, which they will share with their own network.

Activating the senses

A conference consisting of several trivial presentations followed by a cup of coffee and networking - which is really just small talk and exchanging business cards- is no longer sufficient. If your conferences are to be successful, now and in the future, it is essential that your participants are inspired and motivated. Think about it—a participant has taken time out of his or her workday to attend a conference. So, isn't it logical to assume that this person expects to experience something out of the ordinary? A smartly-designed conference room can help you surpass participants' expectations.

Studies show that conference participants respond well to their senses being stimulated. This means that their interest and motivation increase, as well as the feeling that they're experiencing something special and unique.

This can be accomplished in a number of ways using conference room technology:

  • Make the meeting presentation visually exciting. You can do that by including images, video or aesthetic graphics. In fact, it can be as simple as adding some slide animations in your next PowerPoint. 
  • Stimulation through sound can be achieved, for example, by playing discrete background music when there is no presentation in progress. You should also ensure high sound quality at the appropriate volume level so that all participants can clearly hear what is going on.
  • In addition to technology, other equipment and the general layout of the conference room should also be carefully assessed, as these can greatly stimulate the participants' senses and improve the room's atmosphere. This can include lighting, artwork on the walls, plants on the tables or perhaps just making sure that the beautiful view outside is visible. 
  • Textures are extremely effective at stimulating the sense of touch and you can benefit from adding a variety of textures in your conference room interiors. You can introduce different textures to the room by decorating with carpets, upholstery, and curtains and decorative items (such as vases and lamps) that have contrasting textures - rough vs. smooth, natural vs. synthetic, matte vs. glossy.

This may well sound a bit too casual for your typical conference room associations, but in fact, the trends in modern professional premises are a softer, more comfortable look and feel, almost like an extension of your own home. 

Being prepared

Think of the investment in modern technology for conference rooms as part of the preparation for individual conferences to be held on the premises afterwards. By having the right technology in the conference room and ensuring that it works optimally, you'll save yourself a lot of time preparing for future conferences. The equipment is all there, installed and ready to use, meaning that you will not have to align with every speaker to organize the tech equipment to be used in each presentation. 

By being prepared and investing in the right technology for your conference room, you will also increase your company's flexibility. Flexibility comes with the fact that new or changing technical needs can easily arise without this affecting your ability to host conferences. It is so easy that you just turn on the device that has become needed, rather than the one you thought was needed before. And with an AV control system, things actually could not be easier. This allows switching between all input channels from the same device, making it an indispensable gadget in any conference room, especially a future one.

Discrete technology

If you put yourself in the shoes of the person responsible in the previous scenario, how would you handle the situation? Say you've been in touch with the presenter for today's conference. You've been discussing how this person will need to connect his computer to a large screen to display his presentation. However, when the speaker arrives, he indicates that not only a computer, but also a tablet must be connected. 
Normally, such a situation would put you in panic-mode, and the presenter would most likely be delayed while you are trying to find a solution, which would annoy the conference attendees. Perhaps the speaker and you would have found a solution in which connecting the tablet was no longer necessary. But would the speaker be satisfied with this?

But actually, you're calm. Because you have safeguarded this particular situation by installing technology for the conference room that can meet any technical needs that may arise. And this will have a positive effect on the presentation and the conference as a whole.

In the vast majority of cases, technical complications are noticed. If you think back to all the conferences or similar events in which you have actually noticed technology in the room, you will realize those were the times when there were technical problems. Technology is most noticeable when it is not working properly. 
Therefore, the most effective solution is to have equipment for the conference room that always works optimally, and at the same time, is so easy to use that it does not raise awareness when interacting with digital tools. By making the management of technology discrete while displaying its sensational and sense-stimulating aspects, you best achieve a conference in which the focus is on the content—just as it should be.

Enduring technology

When you want to create a conference room for the future that will give you and your business the best possible results, choosing enduring technology is essential. This means that you must try to avoid trends and unnecessary gadgets that have no real purpose in the long term. When choosing technology for conference rooms, the exact purpose of the technology is important to consider. If you have an exciting gadget in mind, first assess whether the purpose of using this gadget will still be relevant in the future.
For example, technological equipment for sound and video playback will always be relevant, as neither sound nor video is a trend that will disappear. Both have existed and survived for so long, that it is hard to imagine a world—or even just a conference room—without them. Thus, purchasing, for example, AV systems, which can control both auditory and visual inputs, can be an excellent investment in the future.

One aspect that is always worth including in your consideration regarding conference room equipment, is the environment. The future will, to a large extent, be characterized by environmentally-sound solutions in all areas, and you can, therefore, use technology for conference rooms to have a positive impact on the environment.
The use of a monitor or projector can be the environmentally-friendly choice when compared with the alternative in which all information is handed out in print to each participant, only to be subsequently thrown into the trash can upon conclusion of the meeting. So, this is a good place to start.
Energy-saving solutions can also be very useful. Just think of all the times you've left a conference room. Have you ever thought about turning off the lights and other electronic devices before leaving the room? Probably not. And that makes sense. As previously mentioned, the main focus of participants and those holding the conference should, of course, be on the content and activities of the meeting itself. In this case, it may be beneficial to consider equipment such as a sensor that detects when there has been no movement in the room for a certain amount of time. This allows the sensor to automatically turn off lights and other electronic equipment after the room has been abandoned, thereby saving you and the environment from unnecessary energy consumption.
These sensors are also available in touch panels, which are intuitive all-in-one conference room control systems. These allow you to have all the features you need as well as the ability to automatically shut down the entire system when not in use.

On our solution guide, you can explore all kinds of equipment for conference rooms that help secure your premises for the future. Here, you can read more about the technologies mentioned, discover new ones, or stay informed with the development of the optimizing-technological equipment of the future

Why was technology a good idea again?

There are countless benefits of integrating technology into the future plans of your conference rooms. Smart reasons for optimizing your conference rooms with technological equipment can be described in six points:

  • The use of modern technology in your meeting rooms shows that you are committed and care about the outside world and the conferences you hold. If you use innovative technology, this indicates that you have a solid sense of how society is and where it is going.
  • Technology for the conference room can be extremely helpful in awakening your conference and its participants by stimulating their senses, for example by using visual and auditory means.
  • Strengthen your flexibility and avoid annoying and disruptive technical complications by arming yourself with all the potentially-necessary equipment.
  • Achieve the ultimate conference—the one in which there is absolute focus on the conference's content and activities.
  • Invest in enduring technology and experience how it continues to be useful over and over and over again…
  • Do something good for the environment and for your own electricity bill.

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