Why is an AV control system still needed in the modern meeting room?

We discuss how an AV control installation is still relevant and beneficial for companies and meeting room users.

Many modern meeting rooms are equipped with high-end displays, touch screens, interactive whiteboards and other advanced equipment that is now available in consumer outlets. Advancements in technology and economies of scale have made formerly inaccessible technology much more affordable and widespread.  

High competition on the market and the general availability of technology also means that users are more familiar with the technology; they are familiar with the general functions and interfaces and feel more comfortable than ever using it. Many will, therefore, argue that AV control systems – especially to manage familiar equipment such as displays or sound - are no longer necessary.  

We disagree. 

AV control systems can offer much more than simple on/off functionality. They can be used to provide several benefits; to meeting room users and the company as a whole. 

Let’s look at some examples:

AV control systems for a green meeting room

In 2019, there is a huge focus on the environment, climate change and green living. An AV control system can be promoted as a way to save energy and make a company’s offices more environmentally friendly. An AV control system *can be installed in a meeting room to control the display and any other equipment in the room.  

The control system can then be configured to turn the equipment off automatically at a certain point, for example at the lunch break or after closing time. This is very relevant even with ultra-modern displays; many touch screens have built-in functions (a whiteboard or other apps) that does not allow the display to turn off automatically. This auto on/off solution can also be upgraded by adding motion sensors to a meeting room so that the equipment turns off automatically when the last person leaves the room.  

Such a solution can potentially save a company a lot on energy bills over time and increase the equipment’s lifetime while also providing an intuitive experience for users, who don’t have to think about turning equipment on and off when using the room.

A familiar user interface in every meeting room

It is very likely that larger offices with more than one meeting room have different equipment in different rooms. Chances are that the equipment was bought at different times, perhaps by different people, and there might be a variety of brands and technology available in each meeting room.  

This can potentially be challenging and confusing for meeting room users, who have to learn how to use different equipment and interfaces and adapt their behaviour according to the room they are in.  

An AV installation in every meeting room provides a simple, intuitive and most importantly, familiar interface that reduces any barriers for the users, ensuring that they can start their meeting quickly and easily, no matter which room they’re using.  

Neets Control Systems that support auto on/off and scheduled functions are EcHo, EcHo Plus, SieRRa II, TanGo and AlFa II.

About Biamp

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